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Psychic Medium & Life Success Coach


HI I'm Brandie Kae!  

Just a bit about me: My journey began at a young age. I would often see or sense spirits, but I was afraid.  

After many years I decided to embrace this unique ability and gift. 

  • Why I'm  different:
  • I take pride in my work, and always come from a place of honesty & integrity
  • My religious beliefs will always matter to me. I believe in God, always. And I know I cannot do this alone.
  • Love and light is where I focus. Engaging the "darkside" is not my thing. 
  • I like to think of myself as a normal, everyday person with a family, that happens to have the ability to connect with those in Spirit. I live with my three kids (husband included) & fur babies in Southern California. And I think being able to connect with our loved ones on the "other side" is truly an amazing gift. I look forward to meeting you, and helping with your jour

Success Coaching


Combining the spiritual with business can be a beautiful thing!  I work with individuals or businesses that need some refocusing, guidance, and tools to create success.  I help create a game plan that works for you.  We create a strategy, and a solution is reached. I pride myself in being honest in all of my work.  Empathy is important, and so are results.  My motto,"Keep it simple"  If you need a more straightforward approach, I am the coach for you!  I have extensive business experience, 20+ years in sales and management.  I have a B.A. Art History, with an emphasis in Marketing.  And the spiritual side...well let's just say, I've got that covered!


Meditation, beach, spiritual guide, intuition, connection, messages, other side

Before every reading I prepare by meditating, praying, and connecting with my angels and guides.

 I do not have any interest in connecting with the "darker side," nor do I have a "crystal ball," that can tell you what is going to happen tomorrow. I don't refer to myself as a witch or anything like that. If your loved ones need to let you know about something in the future they will pass that message through me. We are not going to tell you what to do, but instead provide support and reassurance they are still with you on this journey. I ask for guidance and protection so that your loved ones can communicate. 

So many have expressed to me how their lives have been healed and strengthened. It can be challenging to make the decision to come in, but I am here to support you. It is completely normal to feel nervous. I want you to relax and listen. I provide audio recordings at no extra charge, for your session.



Additional Information

Before your Session:

  • A few things to know before your appointment
    Before  we begin it is important not to offer too much information. There is a fine line between too much and nothing. This is an interactive process, but I may ask you to pause if too much is being offered. You may be  asking, "How much is too much?"  An example would be..."I want to connect with my Mom, Renee, she died a month ago." That would be an example of giving too much.
    It's OK to let me  know you have someone in Spirit that you would like to connect with, that you were close too. I want the information to come from Spirit. It's important for me to gather as much info/clues, so that I can confirm who is with us. Towards the end of the session is when we review, and during I may ask a  questions. Being engaged, and providing acknowledgment when something  makes sense is important.
    It  takes a lot of energy on my part, and for Spirit, to come through.  Sometimes messages don't make  sense right away. It may become clear after the reading, when you have  had time to reflect. I do my best to give the information I am  receiving, as clearly as I can. 

Common Questions

     Q: Why do you not recommend bringing a friend or family member to my session ?

     A:  Sometimes "Spirit" may bring-up an uncomfortable or unknown situation. I  may need to reveal this info. because it is important. An example :Your  Mom or Dad in Spirit also had a different connection with you vs. your  sister. If you are completely comfortable with the other person it should be fine.

     Q: How much time is involved ?

     A:  There is a lot of prep work that is involved for each session. Your appointment may only be hour, but I often start getting  information the night before, so the 1.5 hour appointment is really around 3 hours of my time. This also  includes emails & sending recordings

Learn More

If you still have questions please feel free to contact me through email, call or text. I look forward to meeting you !

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 Hello Brandi this is Jessica from  the Saturday morning group. I was so impressed with you that I've been  sharing your gift with others and also of course interested for myself.  Would love to continue to receive information as to any group sessions  and also individual sessions that you offer. You are truly a blessing 

Mary Ellen

 "  it had been about a year since my sister died and I was still  devastated, like it had just happened. I was not in a good place after  losing so many family members in such a short time. Brandie was able to  connect right away with her and several other family members. I felt  like a huge weight had been lifted. My sister coming through from the  "other side" Changed my life. I am so grateful. You have an amazing,  beautiful gift. I feel reborn." 


  "  Brandi, you are amazing! Yes, you do connect with Spirit! I attended  your first spirit circle with no expectations,  but then you turned your attention to me! You  connected with my father. I know that because your description of him  fit to a 'T'!  I will say this:  no one on the planet, knew about things we spoke of that night! But it was all true! His words of love  and comfort have scratched an itch I've carried for so long. Thank you,  Brandi (and dad!) for getting that message to me! It changes everything!  Love & Gratitude 


 " I  think it is rare when a Medium possesses the ability to see spirit so  clearly, and can immediately identify their relationship to the person  they're trying to connect with. Brandi has this gift. Her accuracy,  along with the compassion and humility she uses when sharing information  makes her all the more special. I highly recommend her." 


 Hello Brandi,
It was so very nice to  meet you today.  Thank you for all the preparation work you completed  before I came, and for being the medium for me to connect with special  people in my life.  It was an awe filled experience and I cherished the  opportunity to connect with treasured people in my life.  You have a  blessed gift.  I can imagine how much work it is for you to do this specialized service. Again, thank you so much for today.  It was very rewarding and insightful!  


I met you today at the event. Just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me. You truly have a gift, and I am so appreciative. Thank you !


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